The Process

At Nicholson Distinctive Homes, our goal is always to alleviate the stress of the home building process on our clients. We are here to guide you through each step to ensure that you associate your home with peace and comfort before it's even built.

The Process:

1. Consultation – The first step on any construction project is an information session where we learn what you're looking for in a home. From this meeting, we create a rough estimate.

2. Floor plan – If you've already selected a floor plan, we can proceed with it. If not, we can help you choose one that meets your qualifications and aesthetics. From this, we can create a detailed estimate.

3. Contract – Once you've chosen a floor plan and agree to the estimate, we'll draft a contract. Then the financing will need to be confirmed.

4. Construction – After the preliminaries are complete, we'll break ground on your new dream home.